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Health Sciences

Smarter tools for healthcare

Drawing on a pool of expertise in the health sciences and machine learning disciplines, the Data Science Institute applies state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to perform automated analysis of medical imagine and sensor data.

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Next-gen energy market models to meet new demand challenges

Inspired by new technologies and guided by domain experts, the Data Science Institute takes a bold new perspective on energy markets and the developments needed to power the next generation.

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Creative insights for streamlining systems

Bolstered by longstanding expertise in transport analytics, the Data Science Institute applies powerful modelling and visualisation techniques to draw order out of chaos.

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Creative Industries

Powerful analytics for a new perspective on creativity

Inspired by organic artistic creations, the Data Science Institute applies cutting edge analytic techniques to understand the factors and characteristics of creative endeavour.

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Advanced forecasting for the Digital Age

Informed by expert economists and leveraging powerful AI architectures, the Data Science Institute has a unique capability in the modelling and forecasting space.

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Next-gen intelligence for maximum business advantage

To meet the challenges of the digital age, the Data Science Institute leverages the latest techniques in Big Data, Operational Research and financial forecasting to optimize operations and tailor customer experience.

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